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  Towards the year 1964, the College began its activities, initially and due to the antecedents of some of its founders, as a militarized school only for boys, shortly after the Board of Directors decided to transform the institution into a mixed school, secular, multilingual and apolitical; This happened in 1968, the date from which the Incorporation Agreement of The British School, SC dates. 

     En un inicio el Colegio empezó a funcionar en un predio ubicado en la Avenida Patriotismo y Calle 11, Colonia San Pedro de los Pinos, propiedad del Gral. Beristáin Ladrón de Guevara.

      Pensando en ampliar y mejorar las instalaciones, se adquirió un terreno localizado en la esquina de Río Becerra y Alabama, Colonia Nápoles.



   Provide a comprehensive education of excellence through an educational system that develops critical, reflective and constructive skills, to train people with values, skills and knowledge capable of providing innovative and creative proposals.

  •   Acquisition of Information.

  •   Formation of Habits.

  •   Skills and Skills Development.

  •   Cultivation of Values.

  •   Formation of Attitudes.


    The British School is an avant-garde institution and educator of individuals committed to their physical and social environment, creating spaces conducive to learning, fusing pedagogical and technological elements.



In our school:

  • We fight softly

  • We punish with mercy

  • We encourage with examples

  • We incite with prizes

  • We endure with sanity

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